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 More often than not, spouses, children and other heirs have little   or no appreciation or knowledge of the hobby that has provided us   with countless hours of enjoyment if not to mention the numerous   long nites in the very long winters. For those of us who have been   active collectors for twenty years or more, or even less in many   cases, items we may have purchased for a few dollars way back when   can now yield hundreds, or in some case, thousands of dollars when   sold. When we are no longer here, who can coach our loved ones   through the myriad of issues relating to the professional sale of   our collections?
 Roecy Inc. has been synonymous with Worldwide Philately since 1982,   in the from of single sets but most important with world wide   collections and accumulations!. We have bought, sold and auctioned   tens of millions of dollars worth of stamps during that period and   have become  one of the largest, most respected firm in our area   with an extensive world wide Client base. Our commitment and   expertise extends to a large variety, and we are proud to be able to   provide our tens of thousands of clients with the only true, full-  service program in North America, including a professional appraisal   service by respected experts in our field to handle estates, our   world famous weekly auction on Ebay, and a extremely  significant   private treaty network which extends the world over.
 It is never too early to contact us to arrange for the future   handling of your estate. Our services and recommendations are highly   professional and strictly confidential. We can provide secure peace   of mind to you, knowing that your lifetime pursuit not only will   receive the attention it deserves but the highest price!

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